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ForeignerHR was founded in 2005,based in Beijing.As China opens to the world,ESL all jobs across China have increased drastically,ForeignerHR has been at the fronttime of helping to meet the teaching demand for over 10 years.ForeignerHR ‘s staff has a vast experience in ESL teaching placement,as well as assisting ESL teachers in prepareing for their teaching materials.During these years,we have placed over 6000 ESL teachers in different schools and companies ,and have maintained wonderful relationships with both the teachers and the schools.This synergy has been a driving force in our continued success.
Our goal is to assist ESL teachers to come to China to teach English and work in China,especially in the city of Beijing.Our goal is to help them to familiarize themselves with Chinese culture.our emphasis is on you to spend a wonderful time in China while acquireing the ESL Teaching experience of a lifetime and broadening your horizons.It is our honor and pleasure to be your link to China.

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