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Interlingua School


  Interlingua is a privately owned, stable and steadily
growing school that is building a very good reputation with teachers,
parents, and students and enjoys the support of the Guizhou Governmen
There are four locations of the school, Zunyi and Guiyang
(Guiyang, Zhaiji and Jinyang) in Guizhou Province, which is a travel hub
for SE Asia and SW China..

  With an enrollment of nearly 2000 learners, Interlingua
School utilizes proven teaching methodology to fully engage learners in
the learning process.

Interlingua School is growing to meet the English learning needs in Guizhou

  Interlingua School has grown to meet the English Language
learning needs of the ever-changing face of Guizhou. We are a private
educational institution accredited by the Guizhou Educational Committee
with the right to hire foreign English Teachers. Our English teaching
staff is made up of native level English speaking professionals that are
certified by the Guizhou government as being foreign language experts.

Great learning and teaching environments

  Interlingua School provides a supportive English Language
learning environment that draws students and faculty together with a
nurturing spirit in the pursuit of knowledge. We seek to serve Chinese
society by promoting students’ learning potential, and preparing them to
pursue academic and professional excellence.

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