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International insititute of education

Company Description: About i2 i2 affiliated with the North American Education Culture Group (NAEG) and founded in 1983, is committed to the international top students cultural exchange program, which aims to promote international culture communication between different countries and regions. Thousands of outstanding high school and college students benefit from the project every year. NAEG came to China in 2003 and founded Aier Education Group which comprises Mutual Family, Chinese as a Foreign Language, Overseas Study Tours, International Exchange Students, Tutors and other programs. In 2006, relying on the NAEG business model comprised of a professional team of foreign experts and utilizing the traditional North American F – A – M – I – L – Y educational concept, Aier educational brand, i2 international, was formally established. i2 has 18 campuses in Chengdu, besides this, it also has 16 campuses in many other cities- Mianyang/Changsha/Guiyang/Kunming/Chongqing/Xiamen/ Guangzhou/ Nanning. i2 focuses on cooperation with global top companies, providing specialized and personalized courses, yet with international standards for customers around the world. Contents include language, arts, music, nature club, sports, corporate training, etc. At present, the field of private foreign language education in China is developing rapidly and the i2 brand is becoming the leading brand in the industry. For more details, please check our official website: I2’s teaching life: I2’s talk show video:…html I2’s football course video:…html

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