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Aston English

Aston English

Aston English is the flagship division of The Aston Educational Group. Aston English started in the city of Dalian in 1996. From the humble beginning of a single school it has flourished into one of the largest ESL operators in China with over 122 schools in 80 cities across 22 provinces.



We have schools across the whole of China, from Inner Mongolia to Guangdong, Xinjiang to Jiangsu. This gives you a choice as to the kind of lifestyle you want when you come to experience China. We currently have schools in 7 of the top 20 cities for foreigners to live in China as voted in International Talent Magazine.

Curriculum & Syllabus

We have spent many years developing our own curriculum and syllabus. Our primary focus is on spoken and listening English with reading and writing as a secondary. Teachers will have full support with regard to text books. You are given a Teacher’s guide, Text book and Workbook for each level that they are responsible for teaching


Class Levels

We have two level sets, Kindergarten and Pre School levels and then Primary school through to High school levels.


Training and Development

Along with our students, the teachers are our priority. We have spent much time and resources on teacher development and foreign teacher support. We have central and regional offices overseeing all our franchisee and company schools.


Most locations have foreign managers and a line of support to promote fairness and clear communication to break through cultural barriers and reduce misunderstandings. We understand the dynamics of working within a multicultural environment and do our best to make your time in china as comfortable as possible and your experience enjoyable and extraordinary.


Before you start you contract you are required to go on a compulsory training course called TCERT training. This is an induction and orientation course where the newly employed teachers are introduced to the course books and materials you will be using during the course of your employment. You will also have the opportunity to share ideas in workshops and do practice classes to get you warmed up and some initial classroom experience.


Teacher development is very important to Aston. During the course of a teacher’s employment you will have the opportunity to request coaching or observe peer classes to help you improve or develop as a teacher.


Career Opportunity

Teaching with Aston English also offers you the chance of a unique personal and career opportunity.

We can offer you the chance to develop a career with Aston in one of the world’s most important dynamic and fastest growing economies. Aston takes pride in the fact all our management team, trainers, recruiters, curriculum designers etc, have all come from initial teaching experience with Aston.

Classroom Environment

Currently Aston English is undergoing an upgrade. We have our traditional Aston English Schools and then we have what is called Aston 3.0 which utilizes interactive whiteboards, activity rooms where children can use and develop their English in real life situations while also stimulating their creativ

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