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Job Title: Teacher Trainer needed in Yangon Myanmar

  • Closing date: 20 July 2018
  • Job Category: Teacher Jobs
  • Job Type: Contract Jobs

DescriptioPosition: Teacher Trainer with Cambridge Experience

Location:  Yangon, Myanmar

Salary: $2,400 (tax free)

Start date: April 1st, 2018


  • Must have an Education Degree, and or DELTA. Must have at least 3 years’ experience as a teacher trainer with Cambridge experience.

  • We offer a very competitive salary and benefits for the right applicants

Desired Outcomes:

  • Commitment beyond a first three to six months of training and experience, to work independently from thereafter, if so ready.

  • Establish and maintain positive, collaborative relationships with all administrative teams from all school branches.

  • Create your own schedule/timetable for each week, including meetings, visits, etc.; submitting both rough and final copies to administration within the first month of arrival.

  • Create and run employee orientation sessions during first month of school year, run various workshops throughout the school year.

  • Understand and abide by in-place systems/policies, then work always to refine, update and improve.

This is a managerial role that you will be inducted into during the first 1 month so you can fully

understand what is required of teachers, how the school works, what systems and procedures are in place that need expanding and or improving. When not at the main branch you can visit other branches and departments to identify what special projects, additional teacher positions and departments need to be added or created to support the students and expansion of the school.

As many of the Special Projects have not yet been identified in detail it is hard to quantify

the specific roles and responsibilities until you have completed your own observations and

identified areas that the management team will want you to focus on.

One such project is listed below.

  • Liaise with Cambridge to register as an accredited Cambridge PDQ program provider.

  • Advertise, interview and employ specially qualified trainer to conduct training for our local Myanmar teachers to qualify for the 4 Certificate and Diploma Qualifications in

1. Teaching & Learning

2. Educational Leadership

3. Teaching Bilingual Learners

4. Teaching with Digital Technologies

  • Recruit and manage additional qualified trainers so we have ongoing courses.


  • Raise existing standard of excellence for service both in the classroom and out of classrooms.

  • Capacity to work effectively and collaboratively with broad and diverse individuals and teams.

  • Recognize and utilize communication as greatest asset in all situations.

  • Maintain an infectious, positive attitude that believes all problems have solutions, and take a team approach to solutions.

  • Possess a high degree of cultural sensitivity specific to Myanmar: traditional, conservative, apolitical, and quiet.

  • Understand and utilize existing systems, also creating new systems for an easier execution of your own job description and expectations.

  • Possess strong interpersonal and organizational skills.

  • Excellent written and verbal communication and presentation skills

  • Maintain complete confidentiality when working on or with sensitive issues

  • Represent Brainworks / TOTAL Group of Schools in a professional and caretaking manner.

  • This position requires you to work with; a variety of ethnic backgrounds, educational levels, working histories, and communication abilities, demands this position be diplomatic, realistic, cordial, serious and concise. Clear communication with these various areas is a necessity.

  • Securing and implementing solutions over any and all challenges. Long range views and plans, seeing the whole vision of the company over short-term temporary fixes.

This is a leadership position that can be a 24/7 position at various times in the academic year,

and then there will be stretches of time, if systems, policies, and procedures are correctly and

efficiently implemented, when all runs with minor to no disturbances

How to Apply:

  • Send your CV (and cover letter) to us: h.alice145@gmail.com

  • Attach a photo of your degree and passport in your application

  • Please let us know if you can start working on April 1st 2018


More Information

  • Visa Sponsored
  • Monthly salary range (USD)  $2000-3000
  • Education Level Required Bachelors Degree
  • Teaching Qualification TEFL/TESOL
  • Years of Work Experience Required No experience
  • Age of students * Kindergarten
  • Job Address yangon
  • Location na
  • How to apply How to Apply: Send your CV (and cover letter) to us: h.alice145@gmail.com Attach a photo of your degree and passport in your application Please let us know if you can start working on April 1st 2018
  • Housing Type Provided
  • Housing type Single
  • Housing type Other
  • Housing and neighbourhood details

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